Who needs a headshot photographer and why it’s so important

Headshot photography plays a range of important purposes for professionals, actors, writers, musicians or anyone looking to establish a brand online.  If you think you need a professional for some headshot photography, then the chances are that you probably do. However,  this article will break down the reasons you might need a professional headshot photographer, and some benefits they can lend you, your site, brand, or business.

You’re starting a blog

The power of blogging and content marketing is ever-growing. Your business may be building a blog to demonstrate expertise, grow brand awareness, and convert more customers. Or perhaps you’re just trying to become an influencer with an online community of your own.

Regardless of what kind of blog you start, building a personal connection with the reader’s matters. They may recognise your opinions, your writing voice, and name, but a good headshot can help them recognise you as an individual too. It can build the rapport that helps convince them to come back time and time again.

get a headhsot photographer for a blog
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You’re writing a guest post or column

If you’re writing a piece for a news site or another blog, then one of the purposes of doing so is likely to redirect them to your own work. To do that, you need that personal brand appeal. Your own professional headshot photography allows you to stand out from the blog or site’s standard roster of writers, drawing more attention to your unique perspective and voice.

What’s more, having a photographic reference of some kind may be expected or even mandatory to have your article or post accepted to certain online publications. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you give the best impression possible and professional level photography helps you do that.

You’re an actor

For actors, sending out headshots is simply part of the process of getting hired. When you’re looking to be considered for roles or representation, a little correspondence helps. Your headshot is the first thing that a casting director or agent will look at, so you want to ensure that you’re not presenting yourself in a bad light.

It’s easy to get the expected dimensions and format of your headshots wrong. Besides the clear difference in quality, framing, and lighting that a professional headshot photographer can add, it doesn’t hurt to know your number one marketing tool is in the hands of someone who knows what you need.

You’re a musician, writer, or artist

Professionals (or aspiring professionals) in other creative fields may not require a headshot like an actor does. It’s not a mandatory part of your arsenal, but it’s still a highly effective tool for marketing. It’s something that can quickly fit on your portfolio and website to give readers an idea of the person behind the work.

Furthermore, if you’re included in press releases, news articles, or any other publications, it’s better to have a great looking headshot that you can request they use. Otherwise, they may turn to use any relevant picture they can find from the internet, which might not cast you in the most flattering light.

professional headshot photography with a musician

You want to make a great first impression

Grainy, blurry, poorly lit and composed photos make for bad business headshots. It doesn’t let your warmth, personality, or competence shine through, which can get in the way of the image you’re otherwise conveying through your writing or portfolio.

With the professional touch, you make sure that you get across the best impression possible, guided not just by the technical expertise of a headshot photographer but also their experience in helping to communicate the personality behind the image, too.

You’re building your social media presence

A warm, friendly image to go along with your social media account, whether you’re representing a larger team or it’s for a personal brand, makes it easier for you to forge more personal conversations with other users. This can lead to more follows, retweets, and comments, helping your account grow even further as a result.

What’s more, if you have a LinkedIn account, you want to use every advantage at your disposal to make yourself stand out as the professional that you are. Beyond any posted content, your credentials, and your contacts, having a well-crafted LinkedIn profile photo can show the professionalism that you’re hoping to convey. A selfie just doesn’t make the same kind of impression.

using a headshot photographer for a social media profile picture
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You’re representing the company brand

A corporate portrait is crucial for helping to align your image with that of the brand. It shows your dedication to quality and professionalism. Furthermore, clients and customers are more likely to relate to someone whose face they know rather than a stranger.

Nowadays, anyone from the owner-manager to a member of the office team can successfully represent a brand, whether it be on social media, in blogs, or otherwise. Having an identity behind the text allows the audience to form a connection with the writer, and that writer serves as the bridge between the customer and the personal relationship you want them to have with the brand.

You’re building a personal brand

Not all brands are as big as a whole team or company. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or someone who simply knows how important a personal brand is in networking and paving the path for a future career, you need to establish your own identity, too.

Professional headshot photography allows you to do just that, helping you lay the foundation of a familiarity that can help you get the recognition and personal verification that allows you to become even more successful amongst clients, employers, and potential business partners.

You want to establish trust and authority

Business and corporate headshots are widely used in business blogging and content marketing nowadays. When it comes to delivering authoritative content designed to help convert customers, showing your face with your writing shows that you’re willing to put it and your reputation behind the authority of said content. In turn, this helps to make it more trustworthy and compelling.

That truth and authority not only leads to greater potential influence over readers but also builds your reputation within the rest of the industry, too. This can pave the way for guest posts, article contributions, signal boosting, and much more.

Build trust online with a professional headshot photographer
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You need to keep up with the times

There are few things more awkward than turning up to a meeting, press conference, or public event only to not be recognised even by those who should know who you are. An out-of-date headshot might be the reason why. Actor headshots, in particular, need to be recent to ensure you don’t get turned away when you first show up to audition.

Without your own up-to-date headshots to provide, those who may look to publish your image (such as with magazine articles, press releases and so on) might turn to older or less professionally produced images. Needless to say, this can turn out less than flattering.  So it’s wise to have your own visual references you can quickly and easily hand out.

Whether it’s for a blog, press releases, a company website or anything else.  A professional photographer can ensure that your headshots help you create exactly the personal image that can help you succeed. Expertise in the technical details of photography, experience in working with a range of clients and knowledge of industry needs for actors and more can make sure your headshots get across what you need to communicate with your photos.  Make sure you find the right headshot photographer to suit your needs.


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