10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been blogging on and off for a little while now. I thought I’d take a minute to give you a bit more insight into who I am and what makes me tick.If you’re more of an audio/video kind of person, I launched my Instagram TV channel with this topic.  You can watch that video here.I hope you find it entertaining. I’m keen to connect with my audience, so if anything here resonates with you, please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page. I will always respond.So here goes:

There’s 2 sides to me

Silly and serious. I get bored easily by small talk and prefer deep and meaningful conversations. But I also don’t take life too seriously.

I have an eclectic taste in music

Depending on which of the 2 sides of me is the most active, I can be quite happy listening to anything from cheesy 80’s music, to rock, to classical.

I have a day job

A lot of photographer’s are (understandably) reserved about letting on that they don’t do this full time. For some reason it seems to lead to impressions that you might not be as good as a full time photographer. I can tell you first hand that this is rubbish. I know some incredible photographers that operate part-time. Conversely, I know some awful photographers who operate full-time!

I’m a geek

and love discovering the latest apps. Or finding tools that help me to automate my workflow. One thing that is true of part-time photographers is that we need to make every second count. I’ll be sharing more of these tools and how I automate certain processes to help save me time.Here’s a starter that I had featured in Fupping. It’s number 5.

I grew up in Milton Keynes

Home of roundabouts, concrete cows and the setting for (bits of) Superman IV.It’s true:

I served 10 years in the Royal Navy

and now volunteer for the Royal British Legion as their events photographer. I’m also the editor of their blog.

I love coffee

and cider and peanut butter (not always in that order). I HATE Marmite! Seriously, that stuff tastes like something my dog rolled in.

Oh yeah, I have a dog

Meet Red
A border terrier crossed with Jack Russell. She’s mental and a giant pain in the arse at times, but I love her.

My last meal

Would be the taster menu at the Tower Bridge Gaucho. Without exception, the best steak I have ever eaten. I’d even go so far as to say the best dining experience I have ever had. My wife treated me to an evening there for my birthday.

I’m married

Saving the best for last, I’m married for the second time in my life and I’m only 35. My wife (Tara) came up with half of these 10 points so this turned out to be a ‘5 things I don’t know about myself’ blog post!


I over use exclamation marks to indicate things that I think are funny!!!!!!!!!Over to you….


  • I did not know that about Superman and MK! If you watch the video they also filmed parts of it in Baldock too.
    • Crazy eh! I didn't find out myself until I think I was in my twenties.

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