Maritime Wasteland

As part of my Open University studies, I recently completed an assignment about how we create waste in a consumer society.  The concept of consumer society is the idea that we are no longer identified by what we do for a living, but how, where and what we consume.  As a result, it has given birth to the 'fast fashion' industry, where over 60% of the clothes we buy are in landfill in less than a year.  Long before they have outlived their natural life.  We also avoid the less than perfect looking fruit and veg, leaving the 'wonky produce' to go bad and get thrown away.

I visited Poole Quay to study for this assignment, which is only a five minute drive from my house.  Naturally, I took my camera with me.  While taking a break from the books, I ventured out with my Olympus OM2 for some street photography.  I wasn't feeling particularly inspired until I reached the opposite end of the Quay to find this maritime wasteland.  I've walked past the same spot many times before, but with my current Social Sciences assignment fresh on my mind I found myself looking at this area in a different way.

It shocked me to see such large and once luxurious items like the boats laid to waste.  Abandoned fishing nets served as a reminder of a once thriving fishing industry that the local economy used to rely on.  I wonder what those fishing families do now.  Have they been forced to move elsewhere in the desire to continue fishing.  Or have they turned to other jobs that consumer society is so dependent upon.

I hope you like this series of images and would value your opinion.  Both on the images, and my thoughts mentioned above. (Click/tap to enlarge images).

Have a great day,
Awareness of waste in a consumer society