Awesome Photography Apps

Here's a short roundup of some awesome photography apps I love to use. Let me know in the comments if you think I've missed any out. I've left Instagram out on purpose as I'm not a fan of the app, even though it is a necessary evil.

This is not a paid or promotional post. I'm just sharing a few apps I like!

Lightroom Mobile CC

I'm not holding anything back here and diving straight in with my favourite photo app I have on my phone. Adobe really have done well (IMHO) with their mobile version of the popular desktop photo editing platform.

When I'm out shooting with my Fuji X-T20, I can use the Wi-Fi feature in that camera to get the images on to my phone and then import them to LR CC. The mobile app allows you to sync all of your presets which means I can apply the same look and feel on the go as I can from my desk at home.

This gives me the kind of mobile workflow I love.


If you're similar to me, and like to post on Instagram, or any other social media platform with white borders around your images, you need this app! There's also loads of editing features, although if you have LR CC, you won't need them. You might also like the option of adding text to your images.

It's really easy to use and, when you're finished, you can share directly to your favourite apps.

You can also post on Instagram with white borders from Lightroom desktop by following my workflow from this article.


This popular editing app has a bunch of presets ready for use from the moment you dive in. There are free options available or you can buy extra presets if the look you're going for isn't available in the freebies. I'd recommend dialling back the strength on some of the presets though!

VSCO also has a social function to it for you to share images around their own community. But I've never really got in to this. There's only so much social media one person can take.


The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is particularly popular with landscape photographers. If you want to know where the sun will be at any time in the future, anywhere in the world, this is the app you need. It's particularly useful when planning sunset or sunrise shoots as TPE will show you the exact time of day the sun is due to rise or set on any given day.

I've tried alternatives to TPE, like Photopills, but never found it as intuitive to use. The strength of TPE lies in its simplicity.



It's a sister app to TPE. But three dimensional. You can move the map around on multiple axis. When you then scrub the time of day slider, to move the sun around, you can see how the land in the particular area you're examining will be illuminated. This is particularly useful when needing to identify where the shadows and highlights will be during the golden hour to help plan the best place to stand for a landscape shoot.


I see EyeEm as a bit like Instagram. Except it's easier to use, you can monetise your content and it isn't shrouded in corruption. They also post what they call 'Missions', which are essentially briefs from big name brands needing content. So it's a chance to get your work in front of some pretty important people in the world of photography. Even if you don't win, they're a great way to focus your attention on something and hone your skills. Particularly if you're in a creative rut.

I've been using EyeEm ever since a good guy and fellow photographer I know from Twitter introduced me to the platform via one of his awesome blog articles. You can read that article, where he shares some awesome tips for growing your EyeEm following by clicking this link.

I also mention it in this article when discussing ways to earn money from your photography.

Over to you…what have I missed?


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